Shopping Round U0 11-09-2009

I headed out today with the best intentions of only getting what I needed and nothing for the pantry.  But my will power was low… and I had coupons that were about to expire and … well I ended up just squeaking in under my $50 budget.  Lately I have been pretty good at sticking to my list.  What does everyone else do when faced with good deals and low will power?

To see how everyone else did check out The Grocery Cart Challenge.


Needed to complete this week’s menu


Chips 1.78 Mega Deal Price
2.21 lbs. Bananas .86
.53 lbs Mushrooms 1.58
Onion .99
Red onion .38
Pepper jack cheese 2.50
Great northern beans 1.34
Buttermilk 1.50
Macaroni .76
Onion Rolls 1.79


10 lbs Potatoes 2.49 -1.00 coupon=1.49
1.76 lb. Apples 1.94
2.21 lb. Sweet Potatoes 2.25

Items for the Pantry


2 Creamed corn 1.00
Eggs 2.12
6 Cranberry sauce 5.26
Sugar-free syrup 2.86
6 – 4pk. Yogurt 5.94 Mega Deal Price and 6 .50 coupons


2 Crackers 1.98 Mega Deal Price
Tater Tots 1.99 Mega Deal Price
Ice Cream 1.88
Dove Soap 6.88

Grand Total $49.57


One response to “Shopping Round U0 11-09-2009

  1. As long as you stay in your budget, it is wise to stock up on stuff you will use that is on a great sale. I have trouble passing up a great sale too though, but it all comes down to choices each week. I think you did great.

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