Shopping Round Up 11-02

I actually came in under budget and managed to get apple cider,  it’s not Thanksgiving without a glass of cider.  I was also going to get the cranberry jelly until I noticed the can had been downsized to 14 oz. and it ticked me off, so I put it back.  I’m going to Sam’s next week so I’ll wait to see if they have any 16 oz. cans left.  The frozen vegetables at Krogers have also been down sized to 12 oz., that’s a 25% price increase.  Do they think we are stupid and don’t notice this.  This is my major irk right now, how do you all feel about it?  Are you switching brands because any of this?

Needed to complete this weeks menu.


Parsley .67
2.11 lbs Bananas  .82
Green Pepper  .88
.25 lb Garlic  .57
1.33 lb Tomatoes  1.78
Poblano  .25
3 Shallots  1.44
Lettuce  .99
1.13 lb Asparagus  2.00
3.98 lb Butternut Squash  2.75
1.1 lb Broccoli 1.65
Mushrooms – free


Yogurt 3.98 – 1.00 =2.98
Lasagna noodles  1.50
Bathroom Cleaner  2.12
Tomato sauce  .28
Ricotta cheese 1.82
Pepperoni 4.98
Dr. Pepper  1.00
Italian Bread .79
Monterey Jack Cheese  1.49

Pantry Items


Crackers 1.49
2 Apple Cider 5.98
8 cans Tomatoes  7.92 – .50 ea. =3.92

Grand Total $42.15

To see how everyone else did this week check out the Grocery Cart Challenge.



2 responses to “Shopping Round Up 11-02

  1. Jaynie,

    I was just checking Angel Food Ministries Facebook page and it states that the coupons are for online purchases.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Looks like you had a good shopping trip

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