Angel Food

lo mein

Yesterday I picked up the Angel Food that we are going to try.  The basic box is supposed to feed a family of four for a week.  There are only 2 of us so we should probably get a few more meals out of it.  I’m going to keep track of that and the quality to see if we are getting a good deal.  The quality looks ok and I like that the majority of the food came from the US, only the spaghetti came from Mexico.  Pictured above is the Chicken Stir-Fry Skillet Meal.   This was a frozen meal that came in three parts, chicken, veggie and noodles and sauce pack.  This was okay, not something I would normally buy but it had a good taste and only took about 15 minutes to make.

This is what was in this month’s Standard Box which cost $30.

1.5 lbs New York strips (3 x 8oz.)
1 lb. Steak Fajita Strips
2 lb. Chicken Stir Fry Skillet Meal
1 lb. Lean Ground Beef
1.5 Breaded White Meat Chicken Tenders
1 lb. Center Cut Ham Steak
1 lb. Bake or Fry Fish Sticks
1 lb. Pasta
25 oz. Marinara Sauce
1 lb. Frozen Baby Lima Beans
1 lb. Frozen Mixed Vegetables
2 lb. Bag Fresh Apples
10 ct. Flour Tortillas
32 oz. 2% Shelf Stable Milk
1 Dozen Eggs
1 Dessert  (This month was a 24 pc Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough)

Check back during the month to see how I work these into my meal plan and my review of the quality.



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