Shopping Round Up 10-12


walmart 10-12

Lettuce $1.24
Jalapeno .34
Bananas $1.64
Mushrooms $3.38
Poblano .11
Tomato Sauce .52
Diced Tomatoes .87
Pumpkin $1.37
Cumin $2.82
Shortening $2.72
Cake mix $1.16
Pudding mix  .82
Bread $1.44


kroger 10-12

Garlic .36
English muffins $1.00
Parmesan cheese $6.99
Flour Tortillas $1.49
Portobello Mushrooms $2.89
5 dozen Eggs $3.85
Hamburger buns .88
Sour Cream $1.00
Cottage Cheese $1.00
Frozen pearl onions $1.25
Cream Cheese $1.00

Grand Total $40.14

Yeah!  I came in under buget with $9.86 to spare.  I would have done better if I had planned dinners without all the mushrooms, since they weren’t on sale this week.  Buying mushrooms is almost like buying meat.  I hoping this week’s leftovers will make up a lot of next week’s meals, since I’ve got a busy week.  I’m also hoping next week’s cost are small so I can fit in an Angel Food package.  The church near us does Angel Food and I was going to give it a try to see if it could bring our monthly cost down.  Has anyone tried Angel Food?  What do you think?

Check back during the week to see how my recipes went and to see how everyone else did check out The Grocery Cart Challenge.



2 responses to “Shopping Round Up 10-12

  1. I think I’m going to price the Angle Food menu and see what I can get it for if I were buying it at the store. Of course the main thing will be the quality. I don’t expect choice, but I don’t want very low quality. What did look like an advantage was the meats were in the proper portion size, which is something we are trying to do. We ate way to big meat portions and are trying to get it down. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I’ve done Angel Food before, it’s nice but the price went up and I decided for right then it wasn’t worth it. It seemed like every time we went the order was a little different than what was originally ordered. My kids didn’t seem to like the frozen veg (or I didn’t cook them right). BUT it is very nice to put in an order then just pick it up quickly (less time than shopping would take). We’ve moved so I’m thinking about looking into it again plus I think around the holidays the orders are nicer. HTH. 🙂

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