Welcome.  I’m starting this blog in hopes to track my effort in frugality.  Since being downsized at the end of last year I have been focusing on ways to cut cost and the reevaluation of our financial future.  One of our biggest expendatures we could cut back on was food.  Before we ate what we wanted, ate out at least once a week and since I worked longish hours we also had take-out several times a week, the longer the hours the more the take-out.  We have since cut the grocery bill drastically.  By just menu planning, watching the ads and keeping the panty stocked we have cut the food bill down to 1/3 of what it used to be, maybe more and we are eating better.

I was reading an old article on The Kitchn about a $25.00 a week challenge from the Illinois Food Bank Association to bring attention to the fact the average food stamp recipient receives $25 per person per week.  They challenged officials to see if they could live on that for one week.  I read some of their blogs and was so amused that these educated, high paid people couldn’t eat well.  To me it had nothing to do with the fact that is was only $25, but that they could not plan, shop or cook worth a diddly.  It’s called home economics people. 

But it got me thinking. $50 is probably about what we spend, but I haven’t really been tracking.  So starting next week, I will start tracking our spending.  I may spend a little more one week and a little less the next, but the goal will be to have an average of $50 per week.  I will keep a running total and do a monthly recap.  This will be a good time to start.  I will have a challenge to meet each month, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Christmas/New Year holidays.

I hope you join me on my journey of wants versus needs and see which one wins.



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